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Before you make a game, you have to find the people to make it with.

A photo of Vincent Borcard
Vincent Borcard

Co-founder of the Swiss Center for Electronic Music Instruments | Airport Radar (iOS) | Ph.D and M.S. in History of Art | B.A. in Visual Arts at écal | Composer | Video and Sound Design Teacher | Passionate about complex systems, music and science

A photo of Arnaud Gattlen
Arnaud Gattlen
Game Design

Devoted gamer | Deeply passionate about mechanics and experiences generated by video games | B.A. in Political Science | UX designer | Graphic Designer | Film Producer

A photo of Vlad Ploesteanu
Vlad Ploesteanu
Lead Developer

Software Engineer | 8+ years experience AAA game development | Ubisoft | The Multiplayer Group | University Politechnica of Bucharest | Passionate about fencing

A photo of Benjamin Cantone
Adrien Cantone
Lead Artist

2D | 3D | Sony Pictures Animations | AMOPIX | Classics F5 | M.A in Design & Illustration | Haute école des arts du Rhin

A portrait of Lou Garcinsky
Lou Garcynski

Software Engineer | Graphics | Systems | Tools | 42 | Fleeting Being | Passionate about linguistics

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